среда, 03 јануари 2007

Batman TAS

Кликнете на името на епизодата за да ве однесе до постот со рецензијата за истата

Season 1:

Ep.0: The Dark Knight's First Night

Ep.1: On Leather Wings
Ep.2: Christmas with the Joker
Ep.3: Nothing to Fear
Ep.4: The Last Laugh
Ep.5: Pretty Poison
Ep.6: The Underdwellers
Ep.7: P.O.V.
Ep.8: The Forgotten
Ep.9: Be a Clown
Ep.10: Two-Face (I)
Ep.11: It's never too late
Ep.12: I've got Batman in My Basement
Ep.13: The Cat and the Claw (I)
Ep.14: Heart of Ice
Ep.15: See No Evil
Ep.16: The Cat and the Claw (II)
Ep.17: Two-Face (II)

Ep.18: Beware The Gray Ghost
Ep.19: Prophecy of Doom
Ep.20: Feat of Clay (I)
Ep.21: Feat of Clay (II)
Ep.22: Joker's Favor
Ep.23: Vendetta
Ep.24: Fear of Victory
Ep.25: The Clock King
Ep.26: Appointment in Crime Alley
Ep.27: Mad as a Hatter
Ep.28: Dreams in Darkness
Ep.29: Eternal Youth
Ep.30: Perchance to a Dream
Ep.31: The Cape and Cowl Conspiracy
Ep.32: Robin's Reckoning (I)
Ep.33: Robin's Reckoning (II)
Ep.34: The Laughing Fish
Ep.35: Night of the Ninja
Ep.36: Cat Scratch Fever
Ep.37: The Strange Secret of Bruce Wayne
Ep.38: Heart of Steel (I)
Ep.39: Heart of Steel (II)
Ep.40: If you're so Smart, why aren't you rich?
Ep.41: Joker's Wild
Ep.42: Tyger, Tyger
Ep.43: Moon of the Wolf
Ep.44: Day of the Samurai
Ep.45: Terror in the Sky
Ep.46: Almost got 'im
Ep.47: Birds of a Feather
Ep.48: What is Reality?
Ep.49: I Am the Night
Ep.50: Off Balance
Ep.51: The Man who killed Batman
Ep.52: Mudslide
Ep.53: Paging the Crime Doctor
Ep.54: Zatanna
Ep.55: The Mechanic
Ep.56: Harley and Ivy
Ep.57: Shadow of the Bat (I)
Ep.58: Shadow of the Bat (II)
Ep.59: Blind as a Bat
Ep.60: The Demon's Quest (I)
Ep.61: The Demon's Quest (II)
Ep.62: His Silicon Soul
Ep.63: Fire from Olympus
Ep.64: Read my Lips
Ep.65: The Worry Men

Season 2
The Adventures of Batman & Robin)

Ep.66: Sideshow
Ep.67: A Bullet for Bullock
Ep.68: Trial
Ep.69: Avatar
Ep.70: House & Garden
Ep.71: The Terrible Trio
Ep.72: Harlequinade
Ep.73: Time out of Joint
Ep.74: Catwalk
Ep.75: Bane
Ep.76: Baby-Doll
Ep.77: The Lion and the Unicorn
Ep.78: Showdown
Ep.79: Riddler's Reform
Ep.80: Second Chance
Ep.81: Harley's Holiday
Ep.82: Lock-Up
Ep.83: Make 'em Laugh
Ep.84: Deep Freeze
Ep.85: Batgirl Returns

Batman & Mr. Freeze: SubZero